Welcome to Fabulous Furs by Peg – Mobile Dog Grooming

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In my doggie spa your pet will be pampered and treated with loving care.

Because we come to you, your pet will never be crated.  It has been my experience, that most small dogs require 1 hour to 1-1/2 hour to be groomed stress free.  We always spend extra time with “First Timers”,  Older “Scaredy-Dogs” and of course “Puppies”.

I am happy to groom your dog the way you would like to have it groomed.

My doggie day spa offers a nice warm bath with products that are environmentally safe and soap free.  
Your dog is thoroughly brushed and combed out.   I guarantee all the knots & mats will be removed from under their arms, between their toes, and down the back of their legs.   With regular proper grooming your pet should not have mats.
 Doggie spa time is important for the comfort, health and overall well-being of your pet.

It is rewarding for me…

to see my little four-legged customers pull on their leashes to come see me and jump into my doggie spa.   Yes, I get kisses too!!

Call 941-812-6292 to pamper your dog with loving care.